Curriculum Vitae



Egon Mihajlovic – conductor, harpsichordist and organist – was born in Postojna (Slovenia) in 1972. At the age of six he started his musical education in piano and organ in Ljubljana. Three times in succession, he was prize-winner of the „national music competition for musical youth“ in the former Republic of  Yugoslavia. In 1988, he began his studies of harpsichord and early keyboard instruments at the Conservatory of Music and Performing Art in Frankfurt ( Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt a. M.), Germany. There, in 1992, he passed his artistic exam ( MMus ) and in 1996 his postgraduate concert exam ( DMA ) . He received further artistic inspiration through work with Harald Hören, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Jean Ferrard and Bob van Asperen.


Since 2009 he is professor for harpsichord and chef of Department for Early Music at the University of Ljubljana / Academy for Music. For his outstanding Engagement he receved in 2013 a golden badge of honor of University Ljubljana.


Egon Mihajlovic has gained the highest reputation for masterly interpretation of Domenico Scarlatti’s sonatas. Audiences and critics indelibly confirmed his extraordinairy talent for the complete keyboard works of this outstanding composer. As a harpsichordist, Egon Mihajlovic is regularly invited to perform at important European concert venues and festivals, including the Alte Oper Frankfurt, Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Hall, Gasteig Munich, Tage der Alten Musik Herne, Salla Scarlatti of the Conservatorio San Pierto a Majella di Napoli, Fano, Pesaro, Alessano, Bolzano, Palma de Mallorca,Cannes, Nice, Callion, Lorgues, Mons, Podgorica, Zagreb, Belgrad, Kotor, Varazdin, Radovljica etc. In addition he has toured extensively throughout the U.S.A.: Berkeley (“Music Sources”), Los Angeles and Pasadena (“The Harpsichord Center” concert series).


Egon Mihajlovic’ reputation is not only based upon his flawless technique, consummate artistic skills and experience but also upon his colorful, passionate interpretation. Further he impresses with his skillful combination of different tensions. His outstanding musicality turns hes interpretations into a unique artistic experience.


As conductor and artistic director, Egon Mihajlovic worked with several well known orchestras, companies, music academies and Opera Houses, such as Compagnie Fontainebleau, Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Ballet Baroque Berlin, European Opera Cooperation, The Royal Theatre Montenegro, Slovenian National Opera Theatre, performing orchestra works, baroque operas, opera-ballets, tragédie-lyriques, oratorios and sacred music from Monteverdi, Handel, Lully, Charpentier, Rameau, Hasse and Telemann: 


Monteverdi “Vespro della Beata Vergine”  in Kotor ( 2000 ), Ptuj and Ljubljana ( 2010, 2014 ) 


Monteverdi “L´Orfeo”  Berlin ( 2000 ), Kotor City Theatre ( 2007 ), The Royal Theatre Montenegro ( 2007 ), Perast ( 2007 ), Berlin ( 2007 ), Slovenian National Opera Theatre Ljubljana ( 2012 ), Ptuj ( 2012 ), Maribor ( 2012 ), Venezia Basilica St. Maria dei Frari ( 2012 ), Slovenian National Opera Theatre ( 2013 )


Monteverdi “L´Incoronazione di Poppea” KotorCity Theatre ( 2006 ), The Royal Theatre       Montenegro ( 2006 ), Slovenian National Opera Theatre Maribor ( 2016 ) 


Händel Giulio Cesare Theater Freiburg ( 2017 )


Rameau “Les Indes galantes” and Telemann “Pimpinone”  Varazdin Baroque Festival ( 2003 ) 


Rameau “Les Fêtes d´Hébé”, Lully “Carousel” and Delalande “Musiques pour les super du Roy” Berlin ( 2001 ), Ljubljana ( 2015 ) 


Charpentier “La dessent d´Orfee aux enfers”, Berlin ( 2000 ) 


Delalande “Lecons de tenebres”, Würzburg ( 1999 ), Berlin ( 1999 ) 


Hasse “Artaxerxes”, Bayreuth Baroque Opera Theatre ( 1998 ) 


Concerts with Zurich Chamber Orchestra in Zurich ( 2001 ), etc.           




1998 - 2000          Lectureship at the Hermann-Zilcher-Konservatorium, Würzburg, Germany


2001                       Lectureshipat the University of Music, Nuremberg-Augsburg, Germany


2002 / 2003         Professorship at the University of Montenegro/ Academy for Music Cetinje,     Montenegro


2007 / 2008         Visiting Assistant Professor at Conservatory for Music "G. Rossini" in



From 2009           Professorship at the University of Ljubljana / Academy for Music, Slovenia


Egon Mihajlovic is regularly invited to prominent institutions: Jeunesses musicales, Bundesakademie für Bildung und Begabung Bonn, University of Music Cologne, Hochschule für Musik Nuremberg, Jugendfestspiele Bayreuth, Sommer-universität Bayreuth, Tage der Alten Musik Berlin-Steglitz, Sommerakademie Thuringa,  University for Music Vienna, Conservatory “G.Rossini” Pesaro, Conservatory “G. Frescobaldi” Ferrara, etc.



1998-2000            Jugendmusiziert, Germany

2007                       UNESCO-world competition for singers "400 Years of L’Orfeo” in Verona, Italy

2007                       10 th  national Italian competition for harpsichord "G.Gambi", Pesaro, Italy

2008                       11 th  national Italian Competition for harpsichord "G.Gambi", Pesaro, Italy

2009                       12 th  national Italian Competition for harpsichord  “G. Gambi”, Pesaro, Italy

2011                       13 th  international Competition for harpsichord “G.Gambi”, Pesaro, Italy